Tiffany Knopow is a Wisconsin native and now resides in Burlington, WI. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and recently her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Knopow has shown her work locally and nationally in exhibits such as Forward 2007 at Charles Allis Art Museum and Printmaking Currents 2007 at Prints Arts Northwest. She was also one of UW-Milwaukee's nominees for the 2007 National Dedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowship and received a Layton Fellowship from UW-Milwaukee in 2008.


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Artist Statement


Although the impetus for my work comes from various sources, I am interested in creating systems to remember things that are overlooked or forgotten.  Cataloguing, record keeping, and archiving become important parts of preserving the overlooked items.  Methods or recording information practiced by different disciplines (archeology, mathematics, and information technology) become part of my own system of recording.  Eventually, the objects and/or the record of the objects become part of an archive to preserve the item for examination in the future.

The work arises out of my own fear of forgetting.  By creating multiple systems for the overlooked object to be recorded (installation, print series, website, or collection), I am backing up my memory.  At the same time I attempt to create aids for others to understand the overlooked object.  Recording the overlooked elevates it to a new importance while at the same time forcing the viewer to look at it.  Now the overlooked object becomes the looked at object, the remembered.



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Tiffany Knopow