Tiffany Knopow is a Wisconsin native and now resides in Burlington, WI. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003, her Master of Arts in 2007 and Master of Fine Arts in 2008 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Knopow has an active exhibition record including shows in the United States and South America. She was one of UW-Milwaukee's nominees for the 2007 National Dedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowship and received a Layton Fellowship from UW-Milwaukee in 2008. Knopow also received first prize in the Wisconsin Artist Biennial in 2014. Currently she is teaching workshops and classes in Southern Wisconsin at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, the Kenosha Public Museum and Bella Botanica in Springfield.


I am interested in creating systems to capture fleeting phenomena. The content of each system revolves around a fascination with collecting the uncollectible; items that are too common, too gross, or intangible to exist in a proper collection. Each item has a separate system, some as simple as just collecting the object and others involve more traditional recordkeeping. Eventually, the objects and/or the record of the objects become part of an archive to preserve the item for examination in the future, elevating the uncollectible to the aesthetic. My hope in each collection is to create something so beautiful that the viewer is compelled to investigate the piece and then be completely surprised by the material.